Product Spotlight: Crystal Globe Cube Paperweight

The Crystal Globe Cube Paperweight is a brilliant cube-shaped paperweight made of 100% genuine crystal. Featuring beveled layers on each corner, it creates a stunning light show as it refracts and amplifies even the smallest amount of light. Whether you are looking to reward a hard-working employee in your company, or if you’re simply looking for a gift to give a friend or family member, you can’t go wrong with the Crystal Globe Cube Paperweight. Continue reading

How To Reboot Your Company’s Employee Recognition Program

checkmark1It’s estimated that over half of all U.S.-based companies have some type of employee recognition program in place. Unfortunately, however, many of these companies turn a blind eye to such programs, neglecting them just months after they are created. An employee recognition program is only effective if the employer implements it correctly. If you’re struggling to get your recognition program up and running, we have some helpful tips on how to reboot it. Continue reading

Employee Appreciation Activities and Events

476857_12316311With Employee Appreciation Day right around the corner (March 6, FYI), there’s no better time than now to plan some fun-filled activities and events for your employees. Employee Appreciation Day lives up to its namesake by focusing on the efforts on our country’s hard-working men and women. Business owners should use this time to show gratitude to their workforce. If you’re struggling to come up with employee appreciation activities and events, keep reading for some helpful ideas. Continue reading

How To Foster Creativity In The Workplace

healthu-workplaceCreativity is the driving force behind all successful companies. You can only copy another business’s product/service for so long, at which point sales will begin to dwindle. It’s only when you take the initiative to create something unique that establishes a successful, long-lasting business. So, how do you foster creativity in the workplace? Continue reading

Product Spotlight: Round Crystal Paperweight

The Round Crystal Paperweight is an elegant, all-crystal paperweight featuring an array of faceted cuts around the edges for improved visibility and style. While other paperweights are mass manufactured using low-grade glass and other cheap materials, The Round Crystal Paperweight takes a step in a different direction. It’s 100% high-grade optical crystal construction brings it to life, refracting light while capturing the attention of anyone nearby. Continue reading

Employee Recognition Cost-Benefit Analysis

goodjobAre you a business owner whose reluctant to implement en employee recognition program? It’s estimated that nearly 3 in 4 companies have some type of recognition program, whether it’s an employee-of-the-month program, quarterly rewards, or a simple bulletin board showcasing its hard-working employees. However, some companies view programs such as these as nothing more than a money pit, draining their budget while offering little-to-nothing in return. Continue reading

Product Spotlight: Forklift Truck Award

The Forklift Truck Award is brilliant solid die-cast award featuring a scaled-down forklift complete with a moveable mast. Resting atop a sparkling marble base with rounded ends, it’s a truly stunning award that’s perfect for any company which uses forklifts in its normal operations. And like all of the products offered here at, it comes with free personalization at no additional charge. Continue reading

The Link Between Employee Appreciation and Turnover Rates

massage-stress-01Still haven’t invested the necessary time and resources into creating an employee recognition program for your company? Some business owners assume recognition programs are nothing more than a money pit, costing them hundreds or even thousands of dollars, while others view them as having no real benefit. The truth, however, is that employee recognition programs offer numerous benefits, one of which being lower turnover rates. Continue reading

3 Tips To Creating Stronger Customer and Client Relationships

notary-public-question-012Ask any seasoned business owner and they’ll agree: strong customer relationships are the backbone to long-term success. Regardless of the industry/niche, all businesses need loyal customers to succeed. Getting shoppers to walk through the door is one thing , but how exactly do you encourage customers to return for future purchases? Check out the three following tips to creating stronger customer relationships. Continue reading