Employee Appreciation Activities and Events

476857_12316311With Employee Appreciation Day right around the corner (March 6, FYI), there’s no better time than now to plan some fun-filled activities and events for your employees. Employee Appreciation Day lives up to its namesake by focusing on the efforts on our country’s hard-working men and women. Business owners should use this time to show gratitude to their workforce. If you’re struggling to come up with employee appreciation activities and events, keep reading for some helpful ideas. Continue reading

How To Foster Creativity In The Workplace

healthu-workplaceCreativity is the driving force behind all successful companies. You can only copy another business’s product/service for so long, at which point sales will begin to dwindle. It’s only when you take the initiative to create something unique that establishes a successful, long-lasting business. So, how do you foster creativity in the workplace? Continue reading

The Link Between Employee Appreciation and Turnover Rates

massage-stress-01Still haven’t invested the necessary time and resources into creating an employee recognition program for your company? Some business owners assume recognition programs are nothing more than a money pit, costing them hundreds or even thousands of dollars, while others view them as having no real benefit. The truth, however, is that employee recognition programs offer numerous benefits, one of which being lower turnover rates. Continue reading

3 Tips To Creating Stronger Customer and Client Relationships

notary-public-question-012Ask any seasoned business owner and they’ll agree: strong customer relationships are the backbone to long-term success. Regardless of the industry/niche, all businesses need loyal customers to succeed. Getting shoppers to walk through the door is one thing , but how exactly do you encourage customers to return for future purchases? Check out the three following tips to creating stronger customer relationships. Continue reading

What Is Job Enrichment? And How Do I Achieve It?

1124847_20524973Job enrichment (also known as employee enrichment) is a catch-all term used to describe the act of motivating employees by giving them additional tasks or responsibilities that are usually reserved for higher-ranking employees. The ultimate the goal in job enrichment is to create a stronger connection between the worker and his or her job, resulting in numerous benefits to both parties (we’ll get to that later). To learn more about this practice and how to achieve job enrichment within your company, keep reading. Continue reading

How Employee Recognition Impacts Job Satisfaction

les newsEmployee recognition (or lack thereof) affects job satisfaction in several different ways. Generally speaking, low job satisfaction is indicative of poor recognition. When employees aren’t recognized by their employer, they may have a negative attitude towards their job and the company as a whole. But this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to how employee recognition impacts job satisfaction. Continue reading

Tips For Planning an Emplyee Appreciation Event

PrintAccording to a study conducted by Bersin, 75% of U.S.-based organizations have an employee appreciation program but only 58% of employees are aware of it. This signals a disturbing disconnect between management and the employees, essentially negating the benefits of an appreciation program. However, you can improve these numbers in your own organization by hosting an event. Doing so will allow you to recognize employees in a larger and more formal setting. Continue reading